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USA, how to enter the north american e-commerce market

USA, how to enter the north american e-commerce market

USA, how to enter the north american e-commerce market. How to reach American customers and present them the offer of your online store?

What are the standards and habits of online shoppers in the USA? Keep reading this blog post to find out how to win the american internet users.

United States of America accounts 25% of the world economy. Today you can win the american customers straight from your home office.

E-commerce in the USA: introduction

The e-commerce market in the USA is pretty sizable. Therefore, it’s not surprising that you don’t want to miss such a sales opportunity.

There are 288.1 million Internet users in the USA, 230 million of whom use social media. The average age of an american internet user is 38 years.

The typical income is 62 795 dollars per year. Every day a typical US citizen spends almost 7 hours online. Includes 2 hours of social media, 1.5 hours spent on streaming services, and an hour for gaming.

American internet users spend 3445 dollars shopping online every year.

Americans spend 2 hours and 40 minutes browsing the net on mobile devices. 35% of all online B2C transactions are made via smartphones or tablets.

Your online store isn’t mobile-friendly? This is the last call to implement necessary modifications. 60% of american Internet users eagerly use mobile shopping apps. Why don’t you develop a mobile application for your online store?

Brick-and-mortar sales

Brick-and-mortar stores have been suffering because of the development of the e-commerce sector. This is caused by the domination of Amazon and its own sales network (Amazon Go).

The ongoing pandemic and restrictions made the situation even worse.

More and more american brick-and-mortar stores are closing. This is a great opportunity for international suppliers, distributors and online store owners. 20,000 traditional shops and ¼ shopping malls have been closed in the USA.

COVID-19 pandemic in the USA

The post-pandemic reality has a positive impact on the the e-commerce sector. In March and April 2020, during the first lockdown, online sales in the USA increased by 49%.

PayPal announced that 1st May 2020 was the most profitable online shopping day. By 2025 e-commerce will constitute nearly 18.5% of all transactions in the country. In 2018, it was only 11%!

The value of the e-commerce sector will reach 735 billion dollars a year in the upcoming years.

Habits of american e-shoppers

Note that:

  • 88% of americans use the internet;
  • 78% shop online at least once a year;
  • 32% buy something online once a month;
  • 29% of users shop online once a week.

As you can see, americans love e-commerce. In addition, 66% of american users are willing to pay online with their credit cards. It’s also worth taking into account ecology. Every third e-commerce customer in the USA decides to pay 25% more for ecological products.

92% of users browse online stores to find interesting products. 82% search for specific goods and 76% finalize transactions.

What do americans buy the most frequently?

  1. travel ($275 billion);
  2. clothes, shoes, fashion, and cosmetics ( $103 billion);
  3. electronics ($95 billion);
  4. toys and hobbies ($74 billion);
  5. furniture and interior design ($63 billion);
  6. food and personal hygiene ($30 billion);
  7. video games ($18 billion);
  8. digital music & streaming ($5 billion).

40% of american internet users have already bought something in a foreign store at least once. 77% declare to do so in the future. In 2018, 42 million americans shopped online internationally and spent over 80 billion dollars.

What do americans import the most frequently? What should your online store offer include to appeal to local customers? How you can encourage them to finalize transactions? The list includes:

  • electronics, computers and new technologies;
  • fashion, clothing and accessories;
  • pharmaceuticals, health and beauty products;
  • books, CDs and other physical media;
  • stones and precious metals;
  • furniture and interior design;

Sources of product knowledge in the USA

How do americans learn about new products, brands, and e-commerce stores before placing an order? What should you focus on when entering the US e-commerce market?

  1. TV advertisements (38%). Not many foreign businesses choose this option because it’s expensive;
  2. word of mouth and online reviews (36%). Remote word of mouth marketing can be pretty challenging. Watch out for services that promise to provide you with appropriate reviews;
  3. Google search results (33%). This is the element you can control easily with the use of SEO activities;
  4. information published on your online store website (30%). Quality SEO, product descriptions and social proof are elements that come in handy;
  5. ads in brick-and-mortar stores (25%);
  6. social media (23%) and Google ads (21%).

Customers in the USA: what do they use?

The most popular apps

Why should you need that information? It’ll help you choose the most appropriate spaces for your paid ads. Check more about SEO and Google Ads in our dedicated post.

Learn about the finest communication channels. The most popular apps among american internet users are:

  • Facebook & Facebook Messenger;
  • Amazon;
  • Instagram;
  • Snapchat;
  • Netflix;
  • Pinterest;
  • Spotify;
  • Twitter;
  • Pandora Music.

The most popular online stores

Amazon is “the king” when it comes to the American e-commerce sector (40%). 89% of online shoppers bought something on Amazon at least once in their lives.

Walmart, Home Depot, eBay, Target, Best Buy or Groupon are ranked on subsequent positions. Get inspired when creating your own campaigns or UX and UI solutions for your online store.

The most popular search engines, operating systems and browsers

Americans prefer to use Google Chrome (52.8%). Safari is chosen by 31.55% of Internet users. Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer are left behind.

In terms of operating systems, Android has already lost to Apple iOS (44.3% vs. 55.6%). Google still conquers the world of search engines chosen by Americans (87%).

The ability to identify the most popular browsers and operating systems is crucial. Especially when it comes to appropriate online store optimization and the local SEO process.

SEO for the e-commerce market in the USA

At this point it’s crucial to use appropriate language. British and American varieties of English can differ significantly. Other tips:

  1. ensure user-friendly mobile website version;
  2. provide appropriate Google Maps SEO;
  3. obtain quality external links from popular american websites.

All these elements are real must-haves if you want to succeed in the american e-commerce market.

What are the expectations of online shoppers in the USA?

A good online store offering products in the United States should make sure that the recipients:

  • have access to the most popular payment methods: credit card payments, PayPal or e-wallet;
  • can choose various delivery methods: this is a decisive factor for 43% of american shoppers;
  • have access to multichannel customer service 24/7;
  • can sleep soundly knowing that their needs and expectations are understood;
  • can check your products in price comparison engines;
  • have access to appealing and inspiring social media content.


Get to know your potential customers. Understand their habits and online preferences. Prepare an offer and website content tailored to their requirements.

In the end, ensure appropriate online visibility! You’re very likely to succeed in the american e-commerce market. If you need any help with achieving these objectives, contact us.

We know how to professionally do SEO for the e-commerce sector in the USA.

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