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SEO, why it takes time to see a difference in your results

SEO, why it takes time to see a difference in your results

SEO, why it takes time to see a difference in your results. There is no such thing as a perfect website or online store, that’s for sure.

Any code shortcomings, poor UX and UI or bad SEO practices have a negative impact. Sometimes, one modification reveals that there are 5 other errors which require hours of work.

It’s definitely better to do everything meticulously the first time round.

Instant SEO: you’ll see the first results after a month

You’ve probably encountered a similar header before. Well, that’s not true.. Usually, it’s impossible to achieve satisfactory results in such a short time. SEO isn’t about golden opportunities, it’s about hard and consistent work.

It’s time to choose. Which hat do you prefer? White or black?

Which hat do you prefer?

Usually, we associate black hats with villains from fairy tales. Think about the “Home Alone” movie. One of the thieves wore such a hat.

The same association applies to SEO. Unethical activities are called black-hat. They’re about stealing the attention, interest, and “clicks” of internet users with tricks and gimmicks.

Black-hat SEO involves obtaining traffic among users who don’t actually aim at reaching your website.

Black-hat SEO activities include:

  • spamdexing: hiding content and keywords completely unrelated to your business or product range;
  • keyword stuffing: placing keywords everywhere without caring about the UX;
  • poorly thought-out external linking from low-quality websites with unsatisfactory parameters;
  • cloaking: cheating Google robots and showing them different content than the one prepared for users.

Because of the abovementioned and other black-hat activities your website may be penalized by Google. Such a penalty is almost irreversible.

Some of the filters are imposed manually by Google employees. Others, more serious and harmful ones, are imposed automatically. What are the consequences of such actions?

  1. decreased keyword positions in the search results;
  2. decreased trust in your domain;
  3. a website being indexed out of the search results.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can find white-hat SEO. Although the first option takes longer, the results are observable for years. So why does white-hat SEO take longer?

Why does SEO take time?

SEO is a long-term process with results noticeable after a few months. Everything is determined by industry, market rivals, domain history and authority. Or the design and scale of the planned website optimization and other activities.

1. Quality SEO starts with an audit and strategy

At SEO Munich, an SEO audit is one of the most important steps taken when starting a cooperation with a client. We devote the first month to check what has been happening with your local SEO so far.

And why you haven’t observed satisfactory results. Based on thorough analysis, we create a transparent document. Relevant tips, remarks, and recommendations for your website.

With this audit in mind, we devise a custom strategy tailored to your business.

2. Good SEO vs. website optimization

There is no such thing as a perfect website or online store. Any code shortcomings, poor UX and UI, or bad practices have a negative impact on your positions in the search results.

Sometimes, one modification reveals that there are 5 other errors. Those may require subsequent hours of work of IT and SEO specialists. It’s definitely better to do everything meticulously the first time around.

3. Quality content, metadata, and appropriate keyword research

There isn’t a magic recipe for quick content and meta tag optimization. Everything needs to be worked on, improved, or created from scratch. You can use a content tool if the situation is getting too tricky.

Product and category descriptions, blog entries, ebooks, tutorials, photo, and graphic ALT descriptions. All of these require long months of work. However, the efforts pay off.

At this point, it’s worth deciding what are keywords you’ll “fight” for with your market rivals. Potential customers are redirected to your website after entering a specific query on Google.

The more general the words, the longer the battle. The more precise and unique the phrases, the easier it becomes to reach top positions. In this way, you can attract users who want to make a purchase on your website.

4. Link building without Google penalties

Remember to obtain quality external links from valuable websites with high parameters. In this case, it’s about quality, not quantity.

Google analyzes domains you obtain links from and monitors how quickly it happens. The number of links and domains should grow proportionally and steadily.

Poor link building strategies can negatively affect your SEO.

5. Google needs to notice you

Sometimes it can take even a few weeks before Google notices implemented website changes. That’s why it’s a good idea to help robots notice you.

For this purpose, submit any modifications and improvements for indexation via Google Search Console.


Although white-hat SEO takes longer, it gives more satisfactory results. Your company website or online store is a long-term investment that will be paying off for years to come. Consistency is a key to success.

Everything, including our shopping habits, digitalizes at an alarming rate and the chances that we’ll go back to the offline world are rather small.

That’s why SEO makes sense and it’s worth patiently (and actively) waiting for its observable results. Even a few or several months.

Would you like to start working on your SEO strategy with our team right away? Contact us and get a free quote. Today is the best moment to get down to work so don’t hesitate!

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