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SEO trend, 9 movements you have to follow in 2021

SEO trend, 9 movements you have to follow in 2021

SEO trend, 9 movements you have to follow in 2021. SEO is constantly evolving and you need to stay tuned to provide top marketing strategies.

Last year brought some hard lessons to all of us. The widespread pandemic forced us to stay at home introducing many changes to the e-commerce world.

So what can we expect this year? Check the most important SEO trends in 2021 which you simply need to follow. For sure, with them in mind you will prepare an effective SEO campaign.

Let’s discover what to anticipate in this blog post!

SEO trend in 2021

1. Long-form content

Google loves high-quality content. Values above all those websites that have unique content which response users’ needs. But there is one thing about your content you must pay special attention to in 2021.

Focus on long-form content. The longer the content, the greater the chance for high positions in organic search results. A study brought some interesting conclusions on this topic:

  • bloggers who create blog posts longer than 3000 words get strong results;
  • users spend more time reading long-form content;
  • how-to articles are the most popular type of blog content.

The perfect length of blog posts is around 2500 words. You need to find your place to figure out how long should the content on your blog be.

Keep in mind that not only the quantity but also the quality of the content matters.

2. Mobile-friendliness another important SEO trend

Do you want to achieve great success with local SEO strategies? In this case, mobile SEO is something you should not neglect. We know, mobile-friendliness is nothing new. It has been shaking the SEO world for some time now.

Especially since in 2019 Google decided to analyze mobile versions of websites as the primary ones. But the future will be even more mobile than it is now!

Google considers mobile versions as the main ones. That’s why the search engine has been preparing for mobile-first indexing for years.

Initially, Google planned to enable mobile-first indexing for all websites from 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the webmasters decided to postpone it until March 2021.

3. Core web vitals & page experience

Google wants all users to have a very enjoyable page experience. And to be able to find all necessary information quickly and easily.

For this reason, in May 2020 this search engine introduced Core Web Vitals. This are metrics that are intended to provide the best page experience possible and take three specific aspects into account:

  1. page loading speed;
  2. interactivity;
  3. visual stability.

The three most important aspects analyzed by this algorithm are:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). Monitors the exact time it takes for the most important elements on the website to be loaded;
  • First Input Delay (FID). The time from the first user interaction with the website to the browser response;
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). Measures all changes in the page layout during the user’s visit.

Other important aspects you need to optimize to provide the ultimate page experience:

  • mobile-friendliness: every page should be optimized for mobile devices;
  • safe browsing: every page should be fully secure to protect data;
  • HTTPS: checks whether websites have the HTTPS or HTTP protocols;
  • no intrusive interstitials: websites with pop-ups that hide the content will be penalized.

Would you like to verify all the issues connected with Core Web Vitals? You will find all the necessary information in the Google Search Console account.

4. Search Intent, another important SEO trend

Have you ever heard of BERT? This Google algorithm changed the way this search engine shows search results for a specific query.

Search intent has been a burning issue for some time now.

Currently, it is more important than ever before. What exactly does this term mean? The search engine introduced very sophisticated algorithms based on machine learning and AI.

The search results are more suitable for the user’s intention and deliver the most suitable content. Google wants to tailor search results as well as possible to the needs and expectations of its users. It is the BERT algorithm that helps to achieve that.

When creating content, a featured snippet is something you should never ignore. Include the elements that Google may turn into a list and show it in featured snippets.

It is also a good idea to add a FAQ section or include some key elements in the schema.

5. Local search

The past year has impacted our online activity and increased the importance of local SEO. The coronavirus pandemic resulted in the global economic crisis.

Many of us turned our attention to supporting local businesses and helping them. The international transportation of orders has become more challenging and, in some cases, impossible.

This has also encouraged people to make most of their purchases locally. We guess we don’t have to convince you more than in 2021 local SEO will also be a must.

When optimizing your website keep these things in mind:

  • Google My Business: include relevant information about your business and update them;
  • conduct keyword research and find local keywords that have the greatest potential;
  • implement keywords on-page: in the title tag, meta description, URL, alt text, headings;
  • build a strong backlink profile.

6. Featured snippets & zero-click searches

Google wants to provide users with search results that best meet their expectations. That is why the search engine created something called a position zero.

This is the search result which appears at the very top of the first page in Google. It is actually worth putting your website in position zero.

That’s even better than the #1 position and gets way more clicks!

Do you want your website to appear in position zero? Here are some rules you need to follow:

  1. select keywords that have the greatest opportunity to appear in position zero;
  2.  create top-class content for your website;
  3. make sure your website is correctly optimized;
  4. don’t neglect off-page SEO.

Do you want to climb to the top of the search results? There is one particular thing that can help you achieve that: structured data (aka schema).

Schema are tags that you can implement in the HTML code. They indicate the search engine categories of particular elements on your website. With structured data, Google crawlers will interpret your content more accurately.

There are dozens of tags you can add and they may be related to your:

  • products;
  • recipes;
  • local businesses;
  • movie reviews.

If you want to check if your schema is correctly implemented run the Structured Data Testing Tool. In 2021 featured snippets will be even more prominent.

Google loves well-structured websites that clearly indicate the meaning of particular elements.

7. Voice search, another important SEO trend

Voice search is no longer a distant future. Many of us already use voice search on a daily basis, and it works quite well. There are various highly sophisticated innovations (Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri).

More and more users around the world choose voice search. It is simply faster, more convenient and has recently become so much better and more efficient.

In 2018, 27% of mobile users worldwide were already using voice search. This upward trend is still continuing. It is estimated that in 2022, 55% of american households will have a smart speaker.

All this shows that in 2021 you need to focus on voice search optimization. More and more users, especially on mobile devices, use voice commands to find websites.

Here are some rules to drive your website to success:

  1. provide a FAQ section for your pages;
  2. create long form content;
  3. use conversational keywords;
  4. optimize your website for mobile devices;
  5. implement structured data;
  6. improve page loading speed.

8. Visual search, SEO trend for the future

The visual search may not yet be as widely used as voice search. But it is evolving drastically and becoming more powerful. It turns out that many users are already using visual search.

36% of americans have declared that they have performed a search by images. So we can assume that over time more and more people will choose visual search.

Google wants to be fully prepared for it.

Try Google Lens, an image recognition app. Google declares that it can detect over 1 billion objects and recognize text (and translate it) as well.

This innovative system is becoming more sophisticated and efficient. No wonder that millions of users around the world are already choosing this search option. The visual search may turn out to be one of the most influential SEO trends in 2021.

9. The E-A-T SEO trend

Backlinks have been the main factor that Google took into account when assessing the quality of websites. Times have changed. Today this engine evaluates websites based on Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T).

These metrics apply to websites that fall into the YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) category. This contain content that may affect the user’s life, happiness, and safety.

Do you run your business in the financial, health care or e-commerce sector? Your website definitely should meet the E-A-T criteria. How to achieve that? Follow these rules and Google will definitely value your content:

  1. create user personas and adjust your content to them;
  2. find keywords that meet users’ search intent;
  3. create high quality expertise content;
  4. make sure your content is published regularly;
  5. use different types of content (infographics, videos, images).


SEO is constantly evolving, so you really need to follow these changes. Adjust your website to the latest Google’s guidelines.

Only this way your website will take full advantage of the immense power of SEO. You will alos achieve great success in the search results.

Are you looking for a professional SEO agency? Don’t forget to contact us. Let our SEO specialists be your partner on the road to success!

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