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SEO agency, why is the industry related experience seen as an advantage

SEO agency, why is the industry related experience seen as an advantage

SEO agency, why is the industry related experience seen as an advantage. Before starting a cooperation verify the experience of your agency.

How long has it been operating on the market and what are its case studies? Has it already done SEO for companies operating in your industry?

Is it possible that cooperation with your rivals constitutes an advantage of a given SEO agency? Therefore, find some answers by reading this blog post!

Selection of an SEO agency vs. its experience in the industry

Companies searching for SEO agencies frequently ask about their industry-related experience. But is the fact that a given agency has already cooperated with your market rivals an advantage?

1. Knowledge of your business

SEO agencies start their activities by getting to know your industry. It’s crucial that the agency understands your needs, business, and objectives.

The information is combined with the knowledge of the market and industry to devise an appropriate SEO strategy. Being familiar with the industry is beneficial for both parties to the contract.

The agency already has some level of expertise that facilitates work. On the other hand, the client can count on the efficient implementation of objectives.

Every website is different. Therefore, it’s very rare to observe identical approaches. In this case promotional strategies for two brands will never be the same. Even if the companies operate in the same industry.

Generally, pages require completely different activities.

2. Knowledge of the industry for the SEO agency

Certain activities are forbidden in some industries. In this case, the experience is even more crucial. An SEO agency needs to know what types of solutions are not applicable and what steps can be safely taken.

Such a situation takes place, among others, in the legal sector.

According to the Attorneys’ Code of Ethics, a lawyer may not use advertising messages to encourage interested parties to benefit from the services.

They may not promote the offer or refer to specific cases as an argument to prove their effectiveness. However, it’s permitted to inform about the business activity on a website.

SEO makes it possible to reach users who choose Google search engine. To increase visibility it is possible to create expert blog content.

Lawyers should also consider setting up a Google My Business profile. This is helpful in improving website visibility.  The legal industry isn’t the only field that requires paying special attention.

Other industries with similar restrictions include erotic or medical sectors.

It’s a huge advantage if an SEO agency knows what activities are acceptable in a given industry. The situation is much worse if the agency doesn’t know the industry and offers solutions that are forbidden.

Knowledge of the industry means that the SEO agency knows how to obtain valuable links. Thanks to it the agency is able to quickly conduct effective activities.

3. Various phrases generating traffic

An SEO agency should aim at reaching high positions for numerous keywords. Therefore, even if a selected company does SEO for two brands operating in the same industry, the key phrases will still differ.

Moreover, it may turn out that completely diverse phrases generate traffic and improve conversion.

For example, let’s talk about two hotels. One of them is in the city center, has 5 stars and is known for its high standards.

The other one has 2 stars, it’s located away from downtown and it’s a good fit for less demanding guests. Therefore, the phrase “budget hotel” won’t be the most accurate keyword describing the first facility.

Even if the website boasts visibility on Google it won’t translate into bookings. Customers expect something else. However, such a phrase may be highly profitable for the second hotel.

A keyword strategy is based on numerous factors:

  • the scope of the offered services;
  • prices;
  • territorial availability.

The same phrases won’t always be applicable for two companies operating in the same industry.

4. The SEO agency has already tested which solutions are effective in your industry

The fact that an agency has done local SEO for your market rival has another substantive advantage. The activities always involve carrying out various tests.

Consequently, the agency has certain conclusions concerning steps that are worth taking. The agency has already tested certain solutions on other websites.

This knowledge allows it to perform some operations on your website right away.

Is doing SEO for competing companies an advantage of the agency?

Clients see that a given agency has been doing SEO for their market rivals? They may wonder whether it’s worth starting talks with this agency. Is it possible for an SEO agency to conduct activities for 2 companies with a similar profile? Yes, it is.

An appreciated agency has been operating on the market for some years. It has definitely been cooperating with various types of industries and companies.

As you can tell, this type of expertise is priceless. Moreover it has a positive impact on the effectiveness of performed activities.

A valued businessman from your industry has chosen a given agency? It’s a sign that its capabilities have been verified. And if the cooperation continues, it most likely means that everything is going well.

Besides, nobody becomes your market rival without a reason. Properly conducted SEO activities could have significantly contributed to that success.

Therefore, it should be crucial for you to determine whether the agency is reliable and successful. Remember that SEO agencies don’t publish all the case studies on their websites.

You don’t find your market rivals in the portfolio of a selected agency? It doesn’t necessarily mean that it hasn’t been cooperating with any of your competitors.

The agency achieved the desired results during previous campaigns? It’s very likely that the same will happen in your case.

Will the activities include the same keywords?

As you know, SEO isn’t about individual phrases but about hundreds or so of keywords. Although 2 businesses may seem identical, it may turn out that their current marketing objectives are different.

One company may want to aim at reaching recipients in a specific location. Therefore, it may decide to go for local SEO, whereas the other may wish to do SEO only for a selected offer range.

There are no two identical SEO campaigns. Even if it seems to you that two companies commissioning the task deal with the same products or services. Not least, don’t forget to contact us for more info or an SEO audit.

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