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PDF files, it is possible to optimize this kind of documents?

PDF files, it is possible to optimize this kind of documents?

PDF files, it is possible to optimize this kind of documents? Not everybody realizes the real potential and possibilities of PDF files.

PDF content is frequently valuable. This format is usually chosen by people who want to gain expertise in a given field. Check out this blog article for more info about this topic!

Key information about PDF files

It’s almost impossible not to encounter PDF files when browsing the net. Although these files surround us every day, most users aren’t aware of their SEO potential.

This format type is less common than content published on websites. However, it’s still worth finding out how to create PDF content that will help your business. You have the opportunity to reach a wide group of potential recipients.

The history of PDF files dates back to 1991. In that time, the co-owner of Adobe started the “adventure” of converting paper documents to digital ones.

Since then, PDF files have been created in accordance with special standards. Their use is safe and convenient. More over, they’re applicable when it comes to presenting, transferring and printing content such as:

online publications;
document templates.

PDF format: what is it?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Each word has been chosen based on the features and functionalities characterizing this file format.

The characteristics of PDF files:

easy navigation;
small file size;
possibility of printing the file out;
audio file;
easy transfer of PDF files.

Does Google index PDF files?

Soon PDF files will be 30 years old. For many years there have been various theories stating that PDFs aren’t indexed by search robots.

Since 2001, PDF content has been analyzed in the same way as any other website content. It’s worth keeping in mind that PDF file indexing applies only to documents that aren’t encrypted or protected.

Google search engine analyzes the content similar to the text written in HTML.

To make sure that PDF indexing brings the expected results, it’s crucial to ensure top quality content. Also, you have to keep in mind an appropriate keyword saturation.

Keep reading to find out what to pay attention to when doing SEO for PDF files!

How to optimize PDF files for SEO?

1. File name with the keyword

One of the cornerstones is to make sure that the PDF name corresponds to its content. For this purpose it’s worth using keywords that don’t only indicate what’s in the file. But also increase your chances of reaching high positions in the search results.

However, keep in mind that the title should be between 50 and 70 words long. The link itself needs to be as natural as possible, with no keyword stuffing accepted.

When devising your PDF file name, get rid of special characters, underscores or spaces. Otherwise, the generated URL will contain elements that aren’t URL-friendly.

2. Optimized meta title and description

Both title and description of a PDF file serve the same purpose as title and meta description of HTML. Consequently, when doing SEO for PDFs, take into consideration both users and search engine algorithms.

The title of the PDF document itself may differ from the name you assign to the document. It’s worth benefiting from the potential of long tail keywords related to a given field or inflected forms of key phrases.

When it comes to the description, it’s crucial to apply CTAs. We are talking about phrases like “check out”, “see” or “find out more” that encourage users to click.

3. Unique SEO texts

Ensure proper text optimization. It must take into account highlighting both headers and keywords related to the subject. In this way, you will encourage users to browse the text and find appealing information.

On the other hand, it will notify the search engine robots about the hierarchy. And, the most important pieces of content. Provide a table of contents that helps to categorize the text and makes it easier to navigate the document.

SEO for PDF files is based on the same principles as SEO for standard HTML pages.

However, text optimization isn’t enough. Make sure that your content is unique. Don’t copy it from other websites or sources. If not, the search engine will see your PDF file as duplicate content.

4. Appropriate internal linking

Provide internal links that redirect to specific subpages of your website. Search engine robots are able to recognize the content of the document and assign it to the text on the page.

Moreover, it’s an excellent way to increase website traffic. Also, notify the robots which sections are particularly relevant.

Don’t forget to apply an appropriate anchor that corresponds to the discussed subject matter. It may be crucial for Google robots.

5. PDFs saved as text files

To make sure that the search engine indexes your PDF, you should save the document as a text file. It’s not the best idea to publish content in the form of an image.

Google robots won’t cope with the indexation. Consequently, the file’s visibility in the search results won’t improve.

6. Friendly URL

This point should be kept in mind already when devising the file name. Get rid of special characters, capital letters, spaces or digits. Instead, go for a concise URL with a keyword.

A friendly URL can be easily memorized by users. In this way, they can effortlessly access the file that is of interest to them by entering its name.

7. Low file weight

Decreasing the size of the PDF file is another important ranking factor as it enables faster loading. Why it is relevant? The lower the file size, the quicker it’s indexed.

This means that it will reach a wider range of recipients. Consequently, before creating the document, compress all the necessary images or other graphics.

8. Optimized ALT tags

When creating PDF files, it’s advisable to remember appropriate image optimization. This means adding ALT attributes of all graphics included in the document.

PDF files are mainly about manuals, price lists, reports or presentations with numerous images. So, ALT attributes help Google robots to categorize the graphics correctly and index them faster.

Benefits of doing SEO for PDF files

In many cases, the content of PDF files is more transparent and comprehensible than standard content. Therefore, appropriate local SEO activities for PDF files can attract users and improve the conversion rate.

Does your website offer numerous PDF files? You have created special printable documents that meet all the UX requirements?

In many cases, converting PDF files to HTML and creating separate subpages can be expensive or unnecessary. SEO for PDFs can help you reach high positions in the search results.

Don’t hesitate and contact us for more info about this topic!

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