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Link building, how to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy

Link building, how to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy

Link building, how to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy. Have wondered why given phrases appear on Google after typing in a query?

What affects website’s positions in the search results? The list of factors is pretty long. So, it’s worth pointing out that quality link building is one of the key elements that have an impact.

Link building: definition

Obtaining valuable backlinks to your page can help you improve visibility in Google rankings. So how to assess the effectiveness of your link building strategy?

Undoubtedly, every SEO specialist is familiar with the concept of link building. However, people who don’t have much to do with the industry may have doubts.

We’ll start by explaining the meaning of this concept. This is the second easiest way (after SEO and on-site activities) to increase a website’s position. Link building is about obtaining quality and unique links to your website.

It may seem to you that providing a few links will make you the “king” of Google search results. However, that’s not that simple. This process requires a lot of effort and patience from the SEO agency. Find out more in this blog post.

Obtain quality and unique links

Link building is quite a complex process. It’s not enough to insert any links and wait for the results. You need to start by selecting a quality platform. Because of that, it’s possible to distinguish a few types of links.

Internal links are placed on the same website they redirect to.

On the other hand, external linking is effective only if you obtain links from quality websites. Domain authority is affected by PageRank, Alexa Rank, age and a number of links.

Remember about Topical Authority and link to pages that discuss similar subjects. The number should increase, so consistently expand the database of links to your website.

Stay moderate when it comes to obtaining links. Try to differentiate the links in terms of anchors and clean URLs. An anchor cloud should look natural with a prevalent number of URLs.

Do you want to find out what’s the anchor cloud for your website? For this purpose, use the Ahrefs tool. The website domain should be first. Then its name and particular keywords.

So, what would be the perfect anchor cloud of your domain? The home page address should be ranked on the first position. Only then you should see the company name.

The next places should preferably be occupied by individual keywords. When linking keep the balance between the anchors of given keywords and the domain address.

Beware of spam links!

Spam links (links from low-quality websites) are a serious threat to your website. In the Moz Pro tool you can check your Spam Score.

The received percentage should be taken into account in relation to the quality of the external links. This way, you can get rid of spam links that are harmful to the page.

It’s all about quantity and quality

When doing local SEO we frequently wonder if links from foreign pages are good. Generally, links should come from local catalogs and domains. However, it’s advisable to differentiate the source.

Obtain at least some of the links from foreign pages.

Do you want to do SEO for your page? You need to know that the number of linking domains and the number of links aren’t the same things.

Links are individual redirects leading to a given website. Make sure that their number is constantly increasing. To be honest, artificial or one-time link acquisition won’t bring any benefits.

The number of linking domains is more important than the number of links. That’s why it’s so crucial to ensure that your backlinks come from valuable sources.

So what should you do? Obtain 40 links from 40 different domains than 60 links from 3 pages. SEO is mainly about quality, uniqueness and diversity.

There’s no perfect recipe concerning the number of links you should acquire. When linking, stay reasonable. If you have a new website, start your link building process very wisely.

Increase the number of links over time. Monitor how Google robots react to your efforts. The number of links and linking domains should grow gradually.

How to measure the effectiveness of quality link building?

You’re wondering how to assess the effectiveness of SEO? Do you benefit from the services of an SEO agency? You may be concerned whether it fulfills its responsibilities and conducts all the activities.

Being familiar with the industry will make it easier for you to evaluate the effects. However, we’d like to discuss what to pay attention to and how to recognize a quality SEO specialist.

Quality link building significantly improves the traffic on your website. You can concentrate on long-tail strategies based on slightly more elaborate but more specific phrases.

A store with household goods, children’s products, home and garden accessories is highly competitive. That’s why doing SEO for general keywords means higher costs and longer time needed.

What helps to achieve higher positions of phrases?

Reaching high Google positions requires a lot of on-site and off-site activities. To make sure that link building brings desirable results, first, you need to prepare your website.

Category, product and home page descriptions are some crucial elements. These texts must include your relevant keywords. To increase the positions of selected phrases, it’s crucial to optimize headers. Also, you must create title and meta description of every category and product.

Link building as a complement to your regular website activities

SEO activities for your online store must be complemented with external linking. This aimes at increasing the website visibility on Google. Both anchor and URL link profiles must be natural. The link building strategy focuses on unique, diversified actions on various channels.

Effective and quality link building has a positive impact on website visibility. The more unique links you obtain, the more potential recipients you attract.

Google appreciates links that bring value to users.

Tools for measuring link building effectiveness

Currently, the market abounds in tools for marketers and SEO specialists. Nowadays it’s much easier to measure the effectiveness of SEO activities performed on websites.

Although most of these tools are paid, it’s still worth keeping an eye on the results.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are some of the most popular free tools. With them you can analyze traffic and impressions of the whole website and specific subpages.

An appropriate link building strategy will help you improve CTR and the average position of phrases. Also, it’ll let you obtain more words generating impressions and clicks. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info about this topic!

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