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Link building, all the strategies and trends you need to know for SEO

Link building, all the strategies and trends you need to know for SEO

Link building, all the strategies and trends you need to know for SEO. Link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies.

We have access to natural backlinks coming from high-quality trusted domains. In this way, you can improve your rankings in Google search results.

If you still haven’t introduced link building in your SEO activities, it’s time to change it. We hope that thanks to these statistics, trends and strategies you will change your mind.

Strong backlinks are a total must have for every website.

Link building: backlink statistics & facts

We trust numbers and statistics. They have the real power! As for us data-driven online marketing is always effective and successful. What’s more, it brings great results.

That’s why we gathered the most significant link building stats:

1. Many web pages have zero referring domains

Many local SEO experts confirm that backlinks are one of the 3 most important Google ranking factors. Basically, any web page that wants to appear on the first page should have high-quality backlinks.

But it turns out that more than half of web pages have no referring domains.

Ahrefs conducted a study in which they analyzed over one billion web pages. It turned out that as many as 66.31% of them do not have referring domains. Also, 26.29% have only from 1 to 3.

This is really not enough to achieve great success in Google! The rule is quite simple: the more backlinks, the better! So you should provide several referring domains for the most important pages on your website.

2. There is a correlation between the number of backlinks and organic traffic

There is another influential lesson learned from the study conducted by Ahrefs’. With more backlinks there’s a better chance to increase visibility in the search results.

If your web pages do not have any backlinks, there is no chance for organic traffic. These pages are not trusted by the search engine and appear on distant positions in the ranking.

3. Long-format content generates more backlinks

More and more companies notice the importance of content marketing for SEO/branding. That’s why they decide on creating different types of content.

One of the most frequently chosen content marketing distribution channels is a company blog. Brands can publish articles on various industry-related topics.

However, not only the topic but also the length of content plays an important role in backlinks. There is a correlation between the length of content distribution and user engagement.

This study comes to one very important conclusion. You should create long-term format content. It gives a better chance to boost user engagement and generate natural backlinks.

4. Users link to top-ranking pages

Users really trust Google and usually choose web pages that hold the first position in ranking. As a result, they have a better chance to gain new backlinks.

And here the vicious circle of SEO starts… Users select the #1 result and link to it from their own websites. The page gets new backlinks and therefore remains at the top of the search results.

There are two main reasons for this:

  1. the #1 results get more exposure;
  2. top-ranking pages have more credibility.

5. Internal links are as important as external links

Are you planning a link building strategy? You should have in mind that not only the external links matters. Also, the internal linking can boost your SEO.

Do you know in practice what is the difference between internal links and external links? Basically, internal links are hyperlinks that point to other pages within your website.

In turn, external links (backlinks) point to other domains.

6. Getting backlinks for link building may be expensive

One of the best and most effective building channel links are blogs and sponsored articles. Without any problem, you will find many platforms on which you can reach bloggers.

However, it turns out that the price of obtaining a backlink may be higher than expected. In 2018, specialists from Ahrefs contacted 450 bloggers from 9 niches to buy links.

Only 54 of them were selling links, most of the bloggers didn’t even respond.

You should learn two lessons:

  • always check the SEO metric before you buy a link for your blog;
  • there are so many great and cheaper backlink channels that you should consider.

7. Most marketers follow the Domain Rating for link building

For many years PageRank has been the main algorithm for evaluating the quality of pages. Nowadays we have more relevant metrics. They help SEO experts determine the quality of pages and domains.

This is an integral of planning link building strategies. After all, not only does the number of backlinks but also their quality matter.

The Domain Authority (65%) from Moz is the unquestionable winner. The next one is Domain Rating from Ahrefs (48%) and the third is Page Authority from Moz (36%).

When it comes to the quality of links, there are 4 major tools:

  1. Moz;
  2. Ahrefs;
  3. SEMrush;
  4. Majestic.

8. Higher rankings is the primary KPI

When you introduce a link building campaign, set the most important KPIs at the beginning. Measuring regularly will allow you to control whether your goals have been achieved. Notice how much time it took you to reach them.

Ranking in organic search results is the most important KPI (38%). The SEO experts highlighted the importance of measuring the volume of linking domains and web traffic.

9. SEO experts don’t consider link building to be the most effective SEO tactic

Link building is one of 3 main Google ranking factors. Yet, many marketers underestimate the importance of the link building process.

The most important element of the SEO process is quality content creation (54%). This one is followed by frequent website updating (50%) and keyword research (46%).

It is also worth paying attention to off-page SEO and spend some time creating high quality, strong links. It’s a great gap you can fill.

Only 13% of SEO experts consider link building the most effective SEO strategy. Increases your chances of achieving great results will a well-planned link building campaign.

10. Most companies build links in-house

Wondering if it is better to build links in-house or use external agencies or freelancers? It turns out that companies more often choose the first option and create link building teams.

This certainly gives them better control over the link building process and the quality of the backlinks. This is quite often a much cheaper solution than cooperating with external agencies.

What’s more, companies were asked how much of their budget they are willing to spend on the process. It turned out that for most of them obtaining high-quality backlinks doesn’t seem to be a priority.

They prefer to use their budget for other activities.


As you can see, link building is an incredibly influential SEO strategy. It makes your website more visible and gains Google’s trust. Thanks to the link building facts and statistics you will come up with some effective strategies.

Are you looking for a masterful SEO agency that specializes in link building? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our SEO specialists have years of experience in planning long-term link building campaigns.

For both startups and international companies operating in different industries.

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