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Child care, how to conduct an efficient SEO strategy for this industry?

Child care, how to conduct an efficient SEO strategy for this industry?

Child care, how to conduct an efficient SEO strategy for this industry? The child care industry is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors.

Although it’s highly competitive, it also offers numerous possibilities. Both companies manufacturing and those who sell products for children, babies and their parents.

It’s an extremely appealing industry that requires entrepreneurs to take appropriate steps in the online world. Due to the increasing popularity of all the aspects related to parenting, the competition is quite significant.

It’s worth learning how to mark your presence in the child care industry. How to make your store stand out from the crowd and how to reach a specific, demanding target group.

What are the characteristics of the child care industry?

The number of people interested in parenting increases every year. It shouldn’t be surprising. Most of us perceive the Internet as a valuable source of information.

Therefore, there are more and more parents looking for child clothes to buy. Or types of pacifiers to choose, bedding fabrics that are the safest for their bundles of joy etc.

On the Internet, you can also ask questions concerning your baby. Although there are many inquiries it turns out that there are even more answers.

The online world is full of websites offering advice, tips or recommendations for parents.

Online stores with toys and clothes for children

Websites exploring exclusively children’s issues or blogs run by parents. Forums and incredible social media profiles addressing child.

All these are parts of the broadly understood online child care industry. People captivated by parenting shouldn’t complain about limited dedicated content. The Internet abounds in this type of text and the popularity of parenting websites is constantly growing.

However, one of the most significant roles in the sector is played by online stores that sell baby items:

  • clothing;
  • footwear;
  • accessories;
  • furniture;
  • toys.

You can observe a clear change that has taken place in trends in the child care industry over the past few years. Finding the right niche in the market isn’t a piece of cake. Especially when taking into account the fact that the competition itself is pretty sizable.

Apart from your direct market rivals, you also need to deal with competitors from other e-commerce sectors. Child care products can be usually accessed in online stores that aren’t associated strictly with parenting.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impossible to succeed in the industry. You just need to devise an appropriate strategy and consistently implement its individual objectives.

Target group: take advantage of its engagement

When running an online store it’s worth noting that parents and grandparents are probably one of the most involved target groups in the world.

Prices of individual products should translate into rational purchasing decisions. However, it’s incredibly easy to use the emotions of potential buyers of child care products in your advantage.

In order to reach the right target group you need to get to know it.

Analyze why people visit your website, what requirements they have and what type of content they want to find. Learn whether you address mainly men or women and what’s their average age.

This will allow you to create a user persona. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to communicate with potential buyers more effectively. This way, you can present your brand in an appropriate way.

Seasonality of the child care industry

If you operate in the child care industry pay attention to its seasonality throughout the year. At the turn of November and December it’s possible to observe a significant sales peak.

The second one can be noticed before Children’s Day. Because of the increased interest in specific products the popularity of particular keywords improves.

When planning the sales strategy of your online store it’s crucial to take into account the seasonality. This way, you’ll be able to ensure not only appropriate subpage visibility and SEO activities. But also a supply of a sufficient number of products likely to be sold at a specific time.

When running a store with accessories for children, local SEO activities should be planned well in advance. Intended results don’t appear overnight.

Moreover, sometimes they become noticeable only after a few weeks. Does your offer includes winter hats for kids? Start performing an SEO audit and other activities much earlier, even in summer.

SEO for the child care industry

It’s hard to mark your presence on the market and reach satisfactory sales results with so many competitors.  However, an appropriate SEO strategy can help you achieve the objective.

You can increase the visibility in the search results. Attract more potential customers visiting the store and purchasing products. What steps should you take to achieve satisfactory results?

1. A selection of appropriate keywords in the child care industry

Before performing any SEO activities, create a database of keywords describing your business profile. Start with choosing appropriate phrases tailored to your:

  • landing page;
  • category subpages;
  • product pages.

Consider the highly competitive nature of the industry offering toys, clothing and children’s accessories. It’s worth going for precise long-tail phrases. Will make it easier for users to encounter your page while searching for items.

2. Educate: unique content appeals to users

One of the most important steps of every child care industry SEO process involves saturating the website with an appropriate amount of content distribution.

Make sure that texts are unique and optimized for keywords tailored to specific subpages or to the landing page. As far as the child care industry is concerned, it’s crucial to pay particular attention to the style of your descriptions and the types of information you decide to provide.

Parents always want to make sure that they select products that are the most appropriate for their kids. Therefore, the quality and safety of the product are highly important elements.

If you run an online store with child care products, it’s a good idea to create a blog and post regularly. It can be used to advertise products you wish to sell at a given time and to inspire users’ trust.

Parents want to make sure that the products they buy for kids are of top-notch quality. When coming up with topics for blog posts you can use Google Trends. See what queries are typed in by users the most frequently at a given time.

3. Let users find your online store for child care

The creation of unique content is not enough to reach high positions on Google. Focus on using the appropriate content tool. It’s crucial to focus on technical website aspects:

  • optimizing content on the home page, category subpages, and the most important product pages;
  • optimizing title and meta description tags;
  • creating 301 redirects;
  • optimizing images published on the website;
  • improving page loading time;
  • getting rid of 404 errors.

It’s also worth benefitting from the so-called internal linking.

You’ll attract users’ attention to other products from the same or similar category to the one they’re interested in. This will help you improve the power of the linking page.

Provide links in product and category descriptions. Also, consider creating separate website sections such as “similar products” or “others also bought”.

4. Appropriate link base and internal linking

To support on-site activities it’s crucial to create an appropriate link base for the website. This means obtaining a sufficient number of backlinks to your online store.

Make sure that the links come from pages with high domain authority and are diverse. It’s best to obtain valuable links from:

  1. website directories;
  2. sponsored articles;
  3. guest posts;
  4. posts on online forums dedicated to the child care industry;
  5. social media.

5. Social media and the power of Instagram

Social media is an effective source of external links. However, that’s not the end! Using the most popular platforms can help you easily and conveniently advertise your store.

You can build relationships with potential customers which improves brand recognition. It’s important to mention that users voluntarily choose to participate in the life of the brand.

For example by liking profiles, commenting on photos, taking part in competitions, giveaways and surveys. Take advantage of this opportunity. Show them that they can trust you and that the products offered are a great choice!

It’s definitely worth being active on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram). The latter two platforms enjoy great popularity among parents.

How-to videos are a recipe for success.

Why don’t you start a vlog and post videos from time to time? They don’t have to be long. Actually, the shorter, the better! Young parents usually don’t have a lot of time on their hands to watch lengthy materials.

The child care industry is incredibly popular on Instagram. Therefore, it’s worth entering this world and presenting your brand to instaparents! Convince them that you offer quality products safe for children.

The child care industry abounds in influencers. Try to cooperate with them. Over the years, they’ve been building their credibility and personal relationship with their audience.

Think how effective the advertisements on their profiles can be. Parents see a product in a photo and a description recommending it.

They’re more likely to purchase your items. You can also organize giveaways together. See how positively it can affect the promotion of your online store.


The child-care industry is a highly competitive sector of the e-commerce market. It offers numerous opportunities. It’s essential to know how to take advantage of them and make your online store benefit as much as possible.

Take care of proper on-site and off-site SEO activities. Build a quality link database. Cooperate with influencers, mark your presence in social media and see how great results you can achieve.

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