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Business, what to keep in mind when moving in online

Business, what to keep in mind when moving in online

Business, what to keep in mind when moving in online. If you run a traditional store you should consider moving your business online.

The number of Internet users and buyers increases every year. All of this results from the e-commerce development. 2020 has been an unusual year for all online store owners.

The ongoing pandemic additionally attracted people to online offers. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate! Move your business online. Learn how to do it by reading this blog post.

Online sales: why moving your business online is a good idea?

Although all forecasts predicted increased online sales in 2020, nobody expected such results. With each year, more and more people become avid online shoppers.

However, the pandemic contributed to the fact that the actual data surprised almost everyone. This is one of the reasons why we’ve been shopping online more frequently than usual.

On the other hand, some people are still unwilling to shop online. For example, due to the lack of physical contact with a specific product.

Do you run both online and traditional stores? You can offer customers with such concerns the possibility to check out the item in the store.

Thanks to the pandemic, the e-commerce market has been developing rapidly. What does it mean for your business? Numerous customers who benefited from your traditional offer will look for products or services online.

Therefore, you should give them the opportunity to find you online. Moving business online means the possibility to:

  • increase brand recognition;
  • reach new recipients;
  • improve sales;
  • offer products or services 24/7.

2020 is a record-breaking year in terms of the number of new online stores

Companies are fully aware of the potential of the online world. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs decide to move their businesses to the Internet. Maybe you should also take that into account.

All the above benefits prove that it’s a good idea to move your business online. Start selling on the Internet right now. However, to achieve satisfactory results, your website and offer need to be well visible.

What to keep in mind when moving your business online?

Starting an online activity can require taking different steps, depending on the industry. However, let’s focus on universal issues you should keep in mind. Regardless of the products or services you offer:

  • register your domain: you’ll need to set up a website. Of course, you can use a free subdomain provided by the hosting company. However, we wouldn’t recommend this solution;
  • choose hosting: the server your page is published on. Consider buying this service and registering your domain in one place. Depending on your website, you may need different hosting;
  • set up a website: you’ve registered your domain and choose a hosting company? Set up your website. One of the ways to do it is to use the application provided by the hosting company. With its help, you can easily install one of the popular CMS systems (WordPress, Drupal or Joomla!). Another solution that allows you to set up a website is the use of a special creator. The best way to adjust the website is to contract a specialized company;
  • create a company email: you already have a domain and hosting? You can create an email address on your own domain. With time, you may need more and more emails, especially if you hire employees;
  • manage social media profiles: there’s no business activity in case of which a Facebook fan page wouldn’t be helpful. However, social media isn’t only about this particular platform. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube are also helpful. Each of these portals requires various activities but they have one thing in common;
  • create Google My Business listing. It’s a recipe for advertising your business in local search results. Google may display info about your company in response to local queries. You can use a professional local SEO agency.

What to remember about when creating a website?

Depending on the type of website you want to create, you may need various activities. If you aim at setting up a:

1. Business card website

You can go for a CMS system or a static page. However, the first solution offers you numerous possibilities such as creating and running a blog.

You can update the website without the help of a specialist. It doesn’t involve downloading, editing or copying any server files.

Remember about providing a comprehensive contact tab on the page.

Fill in your address data, phone numbers and email address. Place a Google map with a pin marking the company’s headquarters. Thanks to it, people willing to talk with you face to face will be able to easily find you.

An extensive description of the offered services is also a must. Dedicate a separate tab for each category. Make sure that the content is in line with SEO principles.

A price list is also a good idea. You won’t need to address inquiries from people who may not be interested in your offer. Describe which elements affect the amount. Don’t mislead users because they may decide to leave your store.

Do you have any concerns about whether the recipients will be able to properly understand your pricing? Encourage them to contact you in order to get an individual quote.

In the case of many services (local SEO) it’s impossible to provide a specific price.

2. Store

In this case, only a modern CMS system can be used. However, you can choose the SaaS model, OpenSource or have your own store created.

The last solution is the most expensive. It’s chosen mainly in case of projects whose investor has special requirements concerning the store’s functionality. The remaining two options are more popular.

In the case of SaaS, you get a ready-made store, which you have to customize. You don’t need to look for a hosting company or install the software yourself.

The company that provides the service is responsible for updates and operations of the server. In return, you pay a monthly or quarterly subscription fee. It’s an extremely convenient solution.

Allows you to set up an online store without having any technical expertise.

In the case of OpenSource, installation can also be relatively easy. Just use the application installer mentioned above. However, you’re responsible for updating the script or making modifications. You can have it done by a specialist.

Every online store should have an SSL certificate

You don’t have to pay for it. In the vast majority of cases, free Let’s Encrypt is enough. It is activated automatically on many websites.

It may also need to be activated, but in case of problems, you can contact the admins. What are the benefits of the SSL certificate? It’s a protocol that provides encryption of the connection between the website and your device.

Data cannot be collected/changed by anyone. Pages without SSL are marked as unsecured by Google. Furthermore, having SSL is one of the Google ranking factors.

If you decide to open a store, you’ll have much more work than in the case of a business card website. Among other things, you need to select payment methods. Or make agreements with courier companies responsible for delivering.

You should also work out the order process. Adjust the store to maximize the chances of conversion.

Moving your business online

When your website or online store already exists, it’s time to perform advertising activities. At the beginning, your brand will be anonymous. You should carry out actions that will improve its recognition.

Encourage users to order your products or services.

Do you run a boutique or a store with items that can interest every Internet user? You can incorporate all of the activities mentioned below.

Of course, you should verify which activities bring your business the finest results. Use the available budget to your advantage.

Activities to focus on:

  1. social media: activities on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok);
  2. SEO: activities aiming at making sure that the website is in line with all Google guidelines;
  3. SEM: sponsored Google Ads in the search engine;
  4. display ads: using the Google Advertising network that reaches more than 90% of Internet users;
  5. video marketing;
  6. email marketing: create a newsletter or send ads to users who have consented to it;
  7. content marketing: a set of marketing activities revolving around the creation of valuable content;
  8. influencer marketing: cooperation with opinion leaders.

In the case of some business types focus mainly on local activities

  • Google My Business listing. Create one Google My Business profile. If you optimize your listing properly, you’ve great chances for attracting new recipients. Reaching high positions in local search results is quite a complex issue. Customer reviews, your offer’s content optimization and NAP cards are the most relevant elements;
  • Facebook Ads. This solution allows you to reach a very specific group of recipients. You can determine many elements (location of users the ad is displayed to);
  • Google Ads. Advertise your business on Google. The offer can be shown to users who live in designated areas. This is another effective way to reach local customers.

Activities should be tailored to the nature of your business.

Make sure that your actions are addressed to people living in the local area. Send email ads to local service users. Consider buying sponsored articles as they may also bring you numerous benefits.

What’s the cost of moving a business online?

You already know that it’s a good idea to sell products online. And offer services on your website. So now you are probably wondering how much it will cost you.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to give you one specific answer.

The first year of running a business card website may involve small expenses. Your own design of a simple website and the annual cost of the SaaS will be much more expensive.

On the other hand, an e-commerce website created from scratch can cost a lot. The marketing budget is another relevant issue. The cost of entering the network is relatively low unless we’re talking about sizable projects.

One of the greatest advantages of online marketing activities? The fact that you can measure their effectiveness and choose solutions that bring you benefits.

In conclusion, it’s worth moving your business online and enjoy the profit. According to analysts, we’re likely to shop online even more in the upcoming years.

Take advantage of this opportunity!

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