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About us, how to create a SEO-friendly page for your website

About us, how to create a SEO-friendly page for your website

About us, how to create a SEO-friendly page for your website. Do you run a corporate website, online store or some other type of page?

If you don’t have the about us subpage, you should definitely consider setting up one. Keep reading this blog article to find out why it’s worth applying this solution. And what benefits it can bring to you.

The about us page: do you really need it?

When browsing the net on a regular basis you may not pay any attention to about us pages. However, setting up such a subpage can be a highly beneficial solution in real life.

Let’s assume that users click your Facebook or search engine ad. They enter your store and consider purchasing your products. They haven’t heard about your company before and wish to check what kind of brand they’re dealing with.

The about us page can be precious when offering services online.

Before the interested persons decide to cooperate and sign the contract, they’ll verify the company. Users aren’t able to find any information (contact details and address) about the company on the website? It’s rather unlikely that they’ll cooperate with such a contractor.

The about us page may be visited by many Internet users entering your page. It’s relevant in case of people who visit your website for the first time and want to order a product.

Why is it worth setting up an about us page:

  1. important for brand image;
  2. encourages interest in the company’s offer;
  3. invites to cooperation;
  4. may convince users to order a product or service;
  5. may be valuable in terms of local SEO.

It’s not enough to create the about us subpage and publish some random content. The texts you decide to place there should be unique, unconventional and purposeful.

Such a subpage should stand out from the crowd.

It should have an appealing design. Content shouldn’t be too long to increase the chances that users will be eager to read it.

Provide some general information and duplicate content from other corporate websites won’t bring any result. It’s necessary to approach the issue individually.

Think about your content and plan solutions that will be of interest to Internet users. It’s crucial to make sure that the design of the subpage corresponds to the nature of the industry and business.

How to develop a quality about us page?

If your about us page is to meet its objective, it needs to be properly prepared. Think about the information you want to provide. And ways to do it in a way attractive for the users.

After reading the about us page people should think that they finally found the company with a perfect offer. If every website element is refined, it suggests to the customer that the website owner has an equally professional approach to order execution.

Designing an effective about us page requires some time to optimize it.

For branding and sales purposes

Content should be presented in an attractive way. A user sees several thousand characters of text? Don’t expect that they’ll feel encouraged to benefit from your offer.

In this case people will probably close the tab after reading a few sentences. Only an appealing form of content presentation can encourage users to get to know your offer.

The about us shouldn’t include slogans that are used in the vast majority of texts.

Phrases such as “many years of experience on the market” don’t mean anything. It’s much better to mention the exact date when you started the business. “Good value for money” is another slogan that won’t convince readers.

The about us page is an ideal place to present the specialists you hire. Indicate the positions they hold. Apart from professional photos, it’s a good idea to publish pictures that show your employees in various situations.

Not necessarily when they’re sitting behind a desk.

Content should evoke emotions. Benefit from storytelling to tell an authentic, compelling story. This is the factor that can convince readers that you’re the company they have been looking for. Why don’t you tell people your business history?

In this specific case, users don’t expect long texts. They prefer concise content that includes a maximal amount of specific information.

Don’t forget about sales issues. You can provide CTA buttons that will redirect users to the offer description/contact form. The about us page can also include customer reviews published on Google.

For SEO purposes

The about us page can also improve your website visibility. To optimize it for this purpose focus on the following issues:

  • title: the element that appears in the head section of the page code. To be more precise, we mean the title tag which is an important ranking factor. The title should include a keyword important for a given subpage. Google displays about 65-70 characters in the search results;
  • description: this element is also located in the head section. Although this factor doesn’t affect SEO it may have an impact on your CTR (click-through rate). It shouldn’t be longer than 160 characters including spaces and also needs to be unique;
  • headers: thanks to an appropriate header structure the content looks more attractive for users. Meets all the requirements of the search engine. It’s good if headers include keywords that are important for a subpage;
  • content: should be unique and useful. The length is also important (between 300 and 500 words). The text needs to be natural. Bold the most important information. Provide keywords relevant for a given subpage;
  • internal linking: one of the crucial ranking factors. Your about us page should provide links to other subpages of your website. It may have a positive impact on its Google visibility.


Developing an appealing about us page can have a positive impact on conversion, brand image and SEO activities. Therefore, it’s worth spending some time to create quality content.

You can also commission the task to appropriate specialists.

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